Too Old to Start a Nomadic Life Style, Think Again!

You can start full-time RV living at any age and with any type of setup. You don’t need a huge rig or lot’s of stuff. It also doesn’t mean you have to give up everything or do it forever either. In this interview, Kris with She Loves Camping talks with Rena, a courageous woman that shows us her rig and what living full-time on the road has done for her at 65 years young.

Rena says “I bought a camper, tried it and loved it and then sold her house and has been camping with the T@G for over 3 years but just went full time the end of December.” 38 states later Kris catches up with her at the RTR and well watch the video to learn more.

Kris’s Interview with Rena:

She Loves Camping Social Links:

Kris has a YouTube Channel called She Loves Camping and is a joy to watch. Be sure to check her out at the links below.

You Tube: She Loves Camping

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