Review: KKLUSB 2000w Peak Power Inverter

Product description


Five major protections:
1, Under-voltage protection
Function: Under-voltage protection, automatic protection when the function input voltage is too low
Status: first alarm, voltage continues to decrease LED red light and turn off
2, Over temperature protection
Function: Automatic protection at high temperatures
Status: first alarm, the temperature continues to increase LED red light and turn off
3, Over-voltage protection
Function: prevent the input voltage from being too high and burn out the inverter
Status: LED red light, the product automatically shuts down
4, Short circuit protection
Power: Automatically protected when a product short circuit is found
Status: LED red light
5, Overload protection
Function: Automatic protection when the load power is too large
Status: LED red light, the product automatically shuts down

Packing list:
1X inverter,
2X battery clip,
1X car charger connection,
1X English manual

*None of which worked! We had a mishap in our camper and our inverter shorted out the first time we used it.

KKLUSB 2000w Peak Power Inverter











  • High-end chip, high quality MOS tube. The capacity to be loaded is stronger.
  • High-speed fan, more thermal inverter, to extend the service life.Titanium shell, light, heat faster.
  • Independent power switch, 3 LED warning, more effective judgment of the inverter work.
  • Using environmentally friendly temperature sensitive resistors and logic circuits.
  • Products through the FCC, CE, EMC, LVD.ROHS and other authoritative quality checks.


  • Fan runs consistently
  • No mounting holes
  • Safety shut off did not work

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